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Tāne Bosman

Matariki Unit

For the essay, I had to write about first human settlers in Aotearoa. I had to include things like:

Here is my completed essay

First human settlers in Aotearoa

The first people to arrive in New Zealand were ancestors of the Māori, around 1200 - 1300 AD. The majority of the Māori People arrived around the years 1320 to 1350 in multiple voyages. They have now been in New Zealand for approximately 700 years. They originally came from the Pasific, where they can be traced back further to South East Asia. Māori believed that Kupe was the first explorer to come across New Zealand. Māori can trace their family line back to certain waka hourua that their ancestors came to New Zealand on.

The mode of transport the Māori used to come to New Zealand were large waka hourua. Waka hourua are a type of waka (canoe) that has two hulls that are attached in the middle and support the sail. They are bound with special fibres that are made to flex so that the waka can withstand the pressure of the rough ocean.

Some of the many things brought to New Zealand by the Māori were; Kiore (Polynesian rats), Kuri (The now extinct Polynesian dog). They also brought plants such as Kumara, hue (gourd), aute (paper mulberry), taro, uwhi (yam) and ti pore (cabbage tree). They may have brought other crops like banana and coconut, however they could not be grown in New Zealand due to the cooler climate.